World Monument Fund Nomination Tusheti

In early 2019 the NTG submitted Georgia’s National Park, Tusheti for consideration to be added to the World Monument Fund’s (WMF) Watch List. In October it was selected as just one of 25 sites out of the 250 entries from around the world. The NTG will highlight Tusheti for the next two years as an international treasure, to be cherished, visited and developed as an example of high-quality mountain eco-tourism. We set the international Watch Day for 25th of September 2022 – when Tusheti and its potential for sustainable development and tourism was highlighted globally.

The project began in July 2021 with a series of workshops on heritage restoration, preserving the local wool and weaving industry, artists working with local children, a commissioned report on the development situation in Tusheti. The pictures below are from the project in summer 2021. The project was completed in October 2022.

First Channel report about Tusheti WMF nomination.