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Georgia possesses hundreds of historic sites worthy of saving and promoting, but lacks sufficient resources and skills. It has a highly distinctive culture and depends financially on its tourism. The National Trust of Georgia provides practical support & sustainable methods of preserving Georgia’s historic built environment and landscape. We support major restoration projects, provide workshops, consultation and advice to private owners, local neighborhoods, developers, & other organisations.

Georgia’s beautiful built heritage and historic landscapes are today threatened by rampant development. Tragically, too many buildings are knocked down by their owners or local government due to lack of collective awareness / expertise/ resources to preserve this precious and fast-disappearing heritage. Many Georgians would like an alternative to culturally insensitive developers, but don’t know where to find support.

To stop this destruction, NTG meets the need for a pro-active, well-resourced, internationally connected organisation to promote, educate, and physically assist Georgia’s citizens to preserve their national cultural identity. Staffed by volunteers at our restored historic building in old Tbilisi our resource center draws upon our extensive network of donors and experts as well as grassroots membership to raise awareness and educate owners and builders in cost-effective conservation techniques.

The long-term impact of preserving historic buildings and landscape is a priceless unrecoverable resource and a source of national pride. We are affiliated with INTO, UK National Trust, the world leader caring for places of historic interest and natural beauty. We actively apply their advice and leverage an international network of professional resources to transfer knowledge to Georgians to enable them to save these assets which in turn support sustainable heritage and tourism sector.