Our Projects

Our headquarters

Our headquarters is now being restored in tandem with ICOMOS Georgia. We intend to use this building as a public example of how a historic property can be renovated and have its former character restored in the modern context. We will open its doors so anyone with similar properties can see how the utilisation of the original materials can in fact be easier, cheaper and ultimately more profitable, than demolition or replacing the old and aesthetic with the new and purely functional. Our headquarters will combine both in a very usable and well designed structure – thanks to input from some of the world’s top architects and engineers.

The Khada Valley

The Khada Valley road and tunnel project currently threatens one of Georgia’s most precious historic valleys (see Landscape).  We working on presenting a feasible alternative to this potentially disastrous engineering project for one of Europe’s most architecturally unique and well preserved valleys. The re-routing of the road and tunnel would allow the valley’s natural eco-tourism to develop – as has happened in England’s now world-famous Lake District – preserved thanks to concerted efforts by members of the early National Trust. A fuller explanation of the situation in Khada can be found on the Landscape page.

Heritage Blog

We are in the process of setting up a regular blog reporting back on heritage relevant events in Georgia. It will be called ‘Watchdog’ in English, Memkvidreobis daraji in Georgian. We shall announce the address shortly. Watch this space.