Our Projects

Our headquarters

Our headquarters is now being restored in tandem with ICOMOS Georgia. We are using it as a public example of how a historic property can be renovated while retaining its former character, but in the modern context. We are providing events and presentations, some already appearing on national TV and in the press, showing anyone with old properties how the utilisation of the original materials can be easier, cheaper and ultimately more profitable, than demolition. We have been lucky enough to received visits and professional input from some of the world’s top architects and engineers.

The Khada Valley

The Khada Valley road and tunnel project currently threatens one of Georgia’s most precious historic valleys (see Landscape).  We are hoping that by presenting a feasible alternative to this disastrous engineering project, one of Europe’s most architecturally unique and well preserved valleys may be saved. The re-routing of the road and tunnel would allow the valley’s natural eco-tourism to develop – as has happened in England’s now world-famous Lake District – preserved thanks to concerted efforts by members of the early National Trust. A fuller explanation of the situation in Khada can be found on the website’s Landscape page.

Heritage Competition

In 2019 we initiated a new competition to encourage local Georgian people to preserve their own heritage homes, or historical details in their homes. We hope this will lead to a new and growing trend toward awareness of cultural heritage values, not only physical but also monetary (original features are increasingly rare and therefor valuable). The NTG plaques and prizes were presented by the then British Ambassador, Justin McKenzie Smith.

World Monument Fund Nomination

In early 2019 the NTG submitted Georgia’s National Park, Tusheti for consideration to be added to the World Monument Fund’s (WMF) Watch List. In October it was selected as just one of 25 sites out of the 250 entries from around the world. The NTG will highlight Tusheti for the next two years as an international treasure, to be cherished, visited and developed as an example of high-quality mountain eco-tourism. We have now set an international Watch Day for the 4th September 2021 – when Tusheti and its potential for sustainable development and tourism will be highlighted globally.


First Channel report about Tusheti WMF nomination.


Calendar 2021

We have created the NTG’s first calendar – 24 pages, A4 size, bi-lingual, with design ideas, landscapes, map of Georgia, updates on the NTG.

For sale – 6 GBP + p/p.

Note that during the pandemic postage can be higher than the calendar’s cost, as it will be sent from Georgia until 16th January 2021. We recommend international orders wait until after that date. Orders within Georgia will use Georgian Post until that date. Afterwards it will be available at Prospero’s Books; 34 Rustaveli Av, Tbilisi.


Worth Saving / რაც ღირებულია

Eco-Towerism and Community Rehabilitation

The National Trust of Georgia is partnering with the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) and Rempart in France for a two-year project to restore the Tsiskarauli Tower up in the Assa Valley, and help develop local historic tourism. Generous support from the ALIPH Foundation will allow rehabilitation of this site, damaged by a missile in the 2001 Chechen War. Working with an international group of volunteers we will stabilise and restore the structure, as part of a working holidays programme.

Volunteers will be guided by experts from Georgia, France and the UK and stay in the local community in this kick-off project for the National Trust of Georgia’s working holiday program. Engagement between locals and visitors will help show the way ahead for economic development in this and other remote heritage sites. Staff from Georgia will also be taken to France and Britain for training in the techniques of delivering working holidays and managing heritage assets.


The Tsiskarauli Tower – photo taken from the NTG Calendar 2021 (January)