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The National Trust of Georgia is offering its first phase of membership for those wishing to help with the heritage of Georgia. Because we are new, this initial membership will be purely for those who’ generosity can help with our initial, smaller projects. Eventually the aim is to set up a main membership and gradually build a nationwide network of like-minded individuals who want to support Georgia’s rich cultural inheritance. In the UK this led to the development of local chapters. We will announce the second phase membership when our headquarters is sufficiently restored so we can officially launch it in a house that fully illustrates who we are.

Please fill out the details below, if you would like to join. We will contact you back.


Due to the pandemic we are delaying the local Membership launch until a time when we can deliver an effective publicity campaign, now being prepared. Hopefully spring 2022.

For those who want to help us anyway, we are offering an ‘Angel’ Membership. This effectively means you give us a donation in advance – to assist the launch. We take your name and email, then join you officially once the Membership scheme and accompanying newsletter is launched. Please contact us individually and we can set this up.


We are looking for help in restoring our beautiful headquarters and using it as an example of how to maintain old properties, both cheaply and with architectural accuracy. We do this with an eye on the long term presence of Tbilisi as one of the world’s most historic cities. The intention is to demonstrate how its many old, dilapidated properties can be saved and given new life, without being destroyed. At the same time we will create a permanent exhibition showing these very practical processes and techniques for all to use.

As part of this we need to kit out the office and employ one person full time to develop these and other projects, who will then set up the membership scheme. If you wish to assist us with these tasks and the others that will follow, we are now able to receive donations into our Georgian TBC Bank account.

Please send us an email with your co-ordinates (plus any message you have) and we will send you the account details.

Note that international transfers usually incur a small charge, but locally (within Georgia) inter-bank payments are either free or minimal.