We have now set up an Angel Membership scheme as a first step towards the wider membership for the general public. Individuals who like what we do and are happy to help us develop without expecting too much in return – yet – are free to become an Angel. The idea is to gather a few, interested, committed, active individuals under the NTG umbrella, to help us move forward.

We hope that our Angels might offer us some of their expertise, advice, ideas, and in some cases time to help develop projects. Some might also help with gifts of physical items for our HQ. We suggest an initial donation of GEL 50 per annum – though it could of course be more.

Angels will receive
  • Access to our HQ library during working hours (currently small but growing).
  • News and updates on our various projects and events – we have several currently running (for specifics see our Website or FB pages).
  • Occasional tours of specific sites.
  • Periodic Membership Meetings – social and themed – where we can meet each other.
  • Alerts to relevant journal articles/books/sites.
  • Information on heritage events in Tbilisi and around the country.
  • Links to other heritage-friendly organisations
  • Invitations to Arts events taking place in our HQ (lectures, seminars, film, video, art, installations, photographic exhibitions, publication launches, small concerts).
Contact and join us

Please let us know by email if you would like to join the Angel Membership scheme. Depending on your location, we will indicate where donations should be sent.