Community restoration of a medieval tower in Khevsureti

The National Trust of Georgia partnered with the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) and Rempart in France for a two-year project to restore the Tsiskarauli Tower up in the Assa Valley, and help develop local historic tourism. Generous support from the ALIPH Foundation allowed rehabilitation of this site, damaged by a missile in the Chechen War. Working with an international group of volunteers we  stabilised and restored the structure, as part of a working holidays program.

Volunteers from France came in August 2021 and stayed in the local community, kicking-off this project for National Trust of Georgia’s working holiday program. Engagement between locals and visitors is an excellent way to help economic development in this and other remote heritage sites. Staff from Georgia have already been taken to France for training in the techniques of delivering working holidays and managing heritage assets.


The Tsiskarauli Tower – photo taken from the NTG Calendar 2021 (January)